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Who We are

Set up in 1994 with the goal of providing climbing guided tours to travellers from all over the country, we quickly realised that it was also appealing to provide additional organisations from all over the world, so we launched a traveller association as well, which provides movement business advising at a reasonable cost.

History Of Canada

Jacques Cartier conducted three journeys across the Atlantic between 1534 and 1542, claiming the territory for King Francis I of France. Cartier overheard two enslaved guides say the Iroquoian term kanata, which means “village.” Canada’s name first appeared on maps in the 1550s.


Welcome to Canada’s most fascinating tourist attractions and vacation destinations. Much of Canada’s tourism is focused on the country’s four biggest cities, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa, which are recognized for their history, diversity, and several national parks and historic sites.